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Take a look at our beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgis!




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Corgis are known for two things: being a great companion and being a superb working dog. They are full of energy and life, extremely observant and inquisitive, and they have even been known to eavesdrop on phone conversations. They have a great sense of humor, adapt well to new situations, and they learn easily. This makes them very lovable, and wonderful companions.


Corgis love being around people, especially their owners. This, in turn, makes them not good kennel dogs. It is important to keep them busy with a fast-paced, variable schedule, so they don’t get tired easily and stay occupied.


Corgis are also good working dogs. They were born with a special sense that helps them to work with other animals. They have been known to herd cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and llamas. Corgis have an exuberant spirit, plentiful courage and determination, a keen sense of hearing, and are very watchful. This makes them have amazing control over vermin. They are the greatest catchers of mice.


Corgis are also known as guardians of the house. They protect and watch over their owners, including children and babies. We fell in love with our corgis the second we met them, and if you choose to bring one of our corgi puppies into your family, you will too!

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